Bull Riders Guide

Bull Riders Guide

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The Bull Riders Official Guide: ‘No Nonsense’ Blueprint Secret Formula on How To Ride Bulls And Win Buckles. All The Tips, Tricks and Tactics you need to become Pro!

Product Description

How To Ride Bulls And Win Buckles


“Proven Championship Secrets Now Available To Bull Riders Who Wish To Become Pro”


“Bad Techniques Need To Be Brought To A Screeching Halt, Before They Continue To Kill Your Untapped Super-Star Bull Riding Potential”


… and continue to form bad habits….

Did I almost forget to mention injuries upon injuries?…

Did you know 95% of most injuries are caused by ignorance, incompetence, or just plain bad judgement? All which are a direct result of improper training, lack of understanding, and poor preparation.

Can I can go on & on about the many reasons why I see so many ‘could’ve been’ pro bull riders fall by the wayside? Sure I can, but I’ll modestly stop there, and make my point…


“How Far Could You Possibly Progress, Let Alone Excel, With So Many Limits In Bull Riding Today???”


What’s the solution?

Well, listen up!!! I’m about to tell ya…

I’m gonna flat out show u how to ride like a pro, stack your shelf full of prize-winning buckles & become an arena superstar, FAST!

Are you ready???…


“What U Need Is A Proven Fool Proof System That’s Affordable, Practical, That Can Apply Immediately, That Will Fast Track Your Way To The Top!”


Something that you can easily apply at your own pace & refer to again & again, AT YOUR OWN LEISURE, till you get it right…

From the very comfort of your own home, without any travel, hefty fees, or unpaid time off work.


The Bull Riders’ Official Guide
Smokin’ Personal Coaching Program”

Get a copy now for only $47!

This is a complete compilation of my 25 years experience as professional bull rider. Everything from preparation to practice to mindset. Designed for one thing & one thing only: winning.

The very secret model I apply & have taught many others to help supercharge their bull riding careers to stardom.

This is my ‘all new’ ground breaking 108 page simple to read & easy to follow ebook, titled;

“The Bull Riders Official Guide: ‘No Nonsense’ Blueprint Secret Formula on How To Ride Bulls And Win Buckles. All The Tips, Tricks and Tactics you need to become Pro!

Never again will you need to;

  • Travel long winded distances to find the next riding school!
  • Pay ‘through the roof’ clinic fees!
  • Seek uncomfortable overnight stays and accommodation!
  • Take time off work, or away from your family!
  • Be left alone to guesswork your way to success!

This clearly written straightforward e-book combines all the very best features of an all intensive bull riding clinic, covering all you need to know to take your longing passion – ‘world class’.

You see, what I’ve done for you in my e-book, is thoroughly described the very most essential tips & tactics needed to take down trophy winning championships that all bull riding pros don’t want you to know about.

My promise to you is that on its completion, you’ll be equally equipped with everything you’ll ever need to know bring home those sexy, unique, well-earned & deserved, world-class shiny buckles.

kundabung buckle

My promise to you is that if you apply all the fundamentals in my e-book as described, you will have wisely saved yourself unnecessary knuckle-grindin’ heartache & sweat.

My promise to you is that if u apply all the fundamentals in my e-book as I say, you’ll also, like many of my other tip-top students, enjoy the myriad of benefits endowed by being a professional bull rider.

And much much more…

I have invested literally blood, sweat, & guts into the development of this ebook. To bring you the most valuable, game changing, ‘leading edge information’ available today. And furthermore, in a way that is practical, simple to understand & implement, designed to get you results fast.


“If I Had This Type Of Information Early In My Bull Riding Career, It Would Have Saved Me TONNES Of Agony”.


Without the information you’ll learn in my 108 page ebook, I hate to say, but your gonna have to get back to the same old nail bitin’ boot stompin’ bucket kickin’ methods you’ve been struggling with all along – and I can’t help ya!

Also part of my ‘Bull Riders Smokin To-the-Top Coaching Program’, is an essential ‘one of a kind’ email coaching program, where I come through for you, and guide you every step of the way to ensure you avoid all the costly bull riding mistakes, and help you implement savvy in-depth mindset and practical buckle winning techniques.

This is as good as having me right there with you, every step of the way. Here, I make a six month ‘on stand-by’ commitment to you, cutting no corners, with all the pro-tips you’ll ever need. I’ve used this method of teaching with my ‘all-star show-down’ winning students, and let me tell you – it works like gang busters. This alone is normally valued alone at $597.

Whether you’ve been riding for 20 years or never been on a bull before in your life, here you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to make professional bull riding a reality for you, much sooner than you think.

This really is as good as it gets.

And by the way, if for some instance, you haven’t heard of me before, here’s just a few reasons why should you listen to every word I have to say?…

  • 2011 TV –
    ‘Sydney Weekender’
    ‘Sports Tonight’
  • 2002 Australasian Bull Riding Champion
  • 2000 Australian APBA Bull Riding Champion
  • 1999 Australian CBR Bull Riding Champion
    Australasian Bull Riding Champion
    Warwick Pro Rodeo Bull Riding Champion
  • 1998 Runner up Australian APBA Bull Riding Champion
  • 1997 Australian APBA Bull Riding Champion
    Australasian Bull Riding Champion
  • 1996 PBR & PRCA Contestant in U.S.A
  • 1995 Australasian Bull Riding Champion
    Premier state Pro Bull riding Champion
  • 1994 Australasian Bull Riding Champion
    Premier state Pro Bull Riding Champion
  • 1993 CPRA Pro rodeo contestant in Canada
    Budweiser Pro Bull Riding Champion (Brandon, Manitoba Canada)
    Calgary stampede contestant
  • 1992 Australian Pro Master Bull Riding Champion
    Runner up Australian APRA Bull Riding Champion
  • 1991 Runner up Australian ABCRA Bull Riding Champion
  • 1989/90 Attended Miles City College Montana USA on a rodeo scholarship studying biological science and finished in top 4 Bull riders in Montana Regional College Rodeo Circuit PRCA Pro Rodeo Contestant USA.
  • 1988 Australian ABCRA Runner up Rookie Bull Riding Champion
  • 1997 Australian ABCRA Junior Steer Riding Champion
    5 x APRA National Finals Qualifier
    6 x ABCRA National Finals Qualifier
    Bull Riding Schools since 1993.
    Over 4000 students through our schools in Australia and NZ, producing multiple Australian and NZ Bull Riding Champions.

APBA buckle

You might well be thinking, ‘what is the purpose of me telling you all of this’. Well firstly, to let u know straight off the bat that, yes…


“I Am Over-Qualified And Do Have The Experience And Know-How To Teach You What You Need To MAKE IT BIG As A Professional Bull Rider”.


After all, if u wanted to be a professional golfer, movie star, or footballer, would you go to an amateur for advice? Of course not! And so similarly here, you wouldn’t even come close to becoming a professional bull rider from someone who hasn’t been there before & done it.

Bull riding is a lot like life, the more you do it the better you get at it. And rest assured, the more championships u win, the better you get at teaching others ‘how to win’, and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.

Secondly, and more importantly, not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you, the tremendous joys & memories I have accumulated over the many years of being a professional bull rider. I have definitely experienced the deepest & best of all feelings, & the most invigorating unforgettable moments in my life by winning professional bull riding championships.

And now, my friend, I eagerly pass this feeling over to you, & can’t wait to see the look on your face, as YOU TOO HOLD A RING ARENA IN FIRE BELLY AWE, followed by the thundering sound of your roaring ecstatic two thousand filled spectator crowd, as they bring the roof down to your very feet, compellingly rewarding you for what you just did – for them, as they see it!

‘Yeehaa’ ‘Yeehaa’ will no longer be a cliche of the long reached fantasy bull riding hero of the latest big-hit ‘blockbuster movie’ or ‘fancy magazines’, but a reality for you, as people ‘Yeehaa’ your name – all the way back home from the arena.

That’s a claim very few bull riding trainers can make. And to sprinkle a little sugar in the mix, not only am I offering you my ‘jam-packed’ ‘action-filled’ 108 page e-book, AND unlimited email coaching, but to sky-rocker your results even further, I’m going to add not only one, but two awesome ‘super grouse’ bonuses;




An mp3 audio version of the e-book. Not only will you own the ebook itself, but you’ll also be able to listen to the information over & over as many times as you like, so you’ll really embed the principles I share. Listen to it in your car, iPod, walk-man, wherever you are.


– Normally Valued at $97




If you’re serious about achieving your goals and dreams as a professional bull rider & act fast, I’ll reward you in return, and you’ll secure yourself an opportunity for;

A FREE ‘VIP MEMBERS ONLY’ 20 minute phone consultation call with me. This is where you get a chance to ask me absolutely anything you want on any bull riding topic. Here I get up close and personal, & answer your most pressing questions, iron out your most concerning issues, & get you well on your way to becoming the champion.


– Normally Valued at $397

Get a copy now for only $47!

So with all that said, what’s all this really worth?

Well, let’s work it out! What would you pay to have my 25 years of experience at your disposal whenever you need it? Experience is expensive, & unless you’re willing to go out & spend years GETTING ALL YOURSELF & LEARNING THE HARD WAY, you’re going to have to be prepared to spare a few pennies for a good damn piece of it.

Then, adding to your arsenal, the mp3 audio version recording of the entire 108 eBook transcript. What does it mean to you to be able to listen to me again & again, as if I were right there with you, explaining the REAL ‘no jargon tactics’ that’ll make you a super champion.

Repetition is the mother of all learning, and this mp3 bonus will allow you to do just that. This will get you riding out of the dark alley quicker than the sun rises, and you can have all this info, literally in your back pocket.

Not to forget to mention the one-on-one 20 minute kick-start bonus coaching call with me. I’m sure you’ve heard it said before;


“The Quickest Way Between Two Points Is Straight. And This Is By Far Your Quickest Way To The Top”.


Get a copy now for only $47!

So here’s your chance. Click on the “ORDER NOW” button below, & you’ll be taken to the downloads page where you’ll get immediate access to the eBook.
I urge you to act in a hurry. Make a move today. I mean, why wait, and risk missing out???

A final note before closing. Please remember, that if u choose to go without the information in my ‘Bull Riders Smokin To-the-Top Personal Coaching Program’, then you choose to say no to the fastest possible way to your bull riding success.

Don’t take my warning lightly. AVOID dreading the years & years of hard painstaking effort & despair. Get the edge here with me & start today.

I can’t wait to mount you up, as the next icon bull riding champion. All the best. I look forward to your success & speaking with you soon.

Yours sincerely

Brad Scott

P.S. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. On top of the cutting edge break-through’ tactics you receive in my 108 page action filled eBook, if you act now, you also get in on the $496 worth of FREE bonuses!

P.P.S. This is a one-time offer to secure a one-on-one telephone coaching call with me. This means ‘game-on’ for you, where I answer your most challenging issues & guide you through everything you need to know to make it big, & bring those sassy ‘eye-catchy’ buckles home, where they belong!!!

P.P.P.S. You can’t lose, because all the risk is on me. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Take the information. Try it & apply it, & if you don’t feel it’s everything I promised, you are backed by a full 60 days no quibble solid money back refund – no questions asked!!!

Get a copy now for only $47!